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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bee and Flower - What's Mine is Yours 2xLP Preorder




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Official release date: June 16th 2015

Bee and Flower and Inherent Records are pleased to announce, for the first time available on vinyl, the pre-order for Bee and Flower - What’s Mine is Yours 2xLP is now active at InherentRecords.com

Originally released on CD in 2003 via Neurot Recordings, What’s Mine is Yours is now available on a 2xLP pressing at 45 rpm, black vinyl w/ digital download.
Packaged in a single sleeve with wide spine, the reissue also includes “Dust and Sparks,” a bombastic and terrifying track recorded during the original sessions, but not included on the CD release. Newly mastered, it is included as the final track on side D.

Pressed at a limited quantity of 250 units, the first 25 preorders will receive an extremely unique limited edition gift package that will include an actual piece of the silk lamp shade featured on the album cover photography. The “Limited Edition” packages are provided at no additional cost to the preorders at a first come, first served basis. There will be no additional reserves available and they can not be duplicated, ever.

The lantern has lived in singer/bassist/songwriter Dana Schechter’s apartment in Brooklyn and until its near disintegration, has illuminated, over the years, the same walls where the original cover photo was taken.

Preorders are now active. Click here to order.

For a full listening stream of What’s Mine is Yours visit


To place an order outside of the United States, please email us here.

Shipping costs need to be calculated per location.

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