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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

** Inherent Records March Sale **
** Inherent Records March Sale ** 
Shipping outside of US available upon request by weight/location.   

**GOLIATHON - Pretend It's Not Happening** (LP) ~ $12   
(rock, prog, metal, stoner)    
Description: The 2nd full length album from one of rock and roll's unknown gems!    

 "Their style is that of some pretty dirty, nitty gritty southern rock mixed with some garage rock, classic rock and stoner rock. That's a lot of different styles and it's been done before but mix in a little jazz in the right spots and you've got something special." ~ HeavyPlanet.net 

First pressing of 300 units.    
**BATTLE PATH - Ambedo** (LP) ~ $12   
(metal, black, doom)    
Description: With 'Ambedo' Battle Path has created vastly different soundscapes, revealing that the writing has developed into a more visceral experience. The music is undoubtedly the sum of its parts, experimenting with a new sound and looking towards the future. 'Ambedo' is very different from the previous two records, though Battle Path's trademark sound is still very much intact, albeit a more experimental.    

First pressing of 300 units.    
**ARGENTINUM ASTRUM - Malleus Maleficarum** (LP) ~ $8   
(metal, black, doom) 
Description: Argentinum Astrum are a doom/black metal band from Knoxville, TN. Following two releases (an untitled album, commonly referred to as "Black," released in 2007, and another, "White," in 2009), the band's new album, Malleus Maleficarum, is their debut as a three piece.   

 "On their second LP, Malleus Maleficarum, the Knoxville, Tenn., trio Argentinum Astrum aim to bridge the gap between doom and black metal. The DIY production values are subterranean, blanketing the recording in a thick miasma of distortion and soot." ~ Kim Kelly: Pitchfork.com    

**SHADOW OF THE DESTROYER - Self Titled** (LP) ~ $12   
(metal, black, crust) 
Description: Pure Appalachian Black Metal 

 "Lacking stage makeup, acoustic interludes, transcendental manifestos, Pitchfork coverage, intentionally provocative fascist imagery, shoegaze crossover, keyboards, or any of the other assorted window dressing that tends to adorn other bands' output while distracting from the core of their output, Shadow Of The Destroyer have created an album that propels itself under the sheer weight of its intensity and engagement with the world around it." ~ Graham Scala: RVAMag.com 

First pressing of 300 units.    
8:50 pm est 

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