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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

(Podcast) Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 99
"Improvisation is something most people do not even consider is happening around them every second of the day. The ability to adapt is one of the greater gifts the mind provides for us. Join your host this week as he showcases a few audio sources of great inspiration, adaption and improvisation. There are no roads, only the destination we focus our minds toward.” 

track list 
(00:00) Monuments in Ruin Intro 
(00:19) Marvin Gaye - Right On 
(07:51) Feka Kuti - Expensive Shit 
(23:11) Freddie King - Aint No Sunshine 
(26:29) Bobby Hutcherson - Components 
(33:19) Herbie Hancock - The Eye Of The Hurricane 
(39:18) Jackie McLean - Kahlil The Prophet 
(49:45) Eddie Gale - The Coming of Gwilu 
10:12 pm est 

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