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Shadow of the Destroyer-Self Titled LP
Pure Appalachian Black Metal
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Limited First Pressing of 300 Pcs.
180Gram, Black and White 11x11 Insert,
100 Black, 200 Orange/Black Mix
Reverse Board Single Sleeve Cover
Recorded and Mixed at Fahrenheit Studios.
Mastered at Audiosiege Sonic Engineering.
Artwork by Brian Mashburn.

Track List:
Chaos 13
Curse of the Morbid One
Thralldom Eternal
A Bleeding Call To war
Dark Days
Frozen Winds Across Barren Earth

"Lacking stage makeup, acoustic interludes, transcendental manifestos, Pitchfork coverage, intentionally provocative fascist imagery, shoegaze crossover, keyboards, or any of the other assorted window dressing that tends to adorn other bands' output while distracting from the core of their output, Shadow Of The Destroyer have created an album that propels itself under the sheer weight of its intensity and engagement with the world around it." ~ Graham Scala: RVAMag.com

Item #IR22 LP

Shadow of the Destroyer-STLP

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