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Welcome to the Inherent Records Online Shop.
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3" Circular Embroidered Patches (Set of Two)

Choose Color

Our price $2 


Argentinum Astrum-Malleus Maleficarum LP

Our price: $10.00  Featured price $8


Battle Path - Ambedo LP

Choose Vinyl Color

Our price: $15  Featured price $12

Bee and Flower - What's Mine is Yours 2LP

Bee and Flower 2LP

Our price: $24  Featured price $20


Divine Circles-Oblivions Songs LP (import)

Our price $15.00 


Faires, Elisa - Photosynthesis LP

Our price $20 

Generation of Vipers-Howl and Filth LP

Generation of Vipers-Vinyl Color

Our price $15 


Goliathon-Pretend It's Not Happening LP

Choose Vinyl Color

Our price: $13.00  Featured price $12


Hall, Nate-A Great River LP

Nate Hall-A Great River LP (180 Gram)

Our price $17.00 

Inherent Records Compilation Volume One LP

Our price $10.00 


Judas Horse-Holy War LP

Judas Horse-Holy War (150 Gram)

Our price $10.00 


Lost Trail-Return to October Mountain Cassette

Our price $2 

LP Grab Bag (3 LPs for $30)

Our price $30 


Red Necklace-Self Titled Cassette

Our price $3 


Red Necklace-Self Titled CD

Our price $5 

Shadow of the Destroyer-Self Titled LP

Shadow of the Destroyer-STLP

Our price: $15.00  Featured price $12


Villages / Divine Circles Split CD

Our price $5